OutdoorClubNews.com was created to give all clubs a source for free advertising, among a multitude of other free tools to promote their clubs. 

As an avid hunter from the south, I have spent countless hours looking for hunting clubs, researching magazines, cruising the web, talking to hunters, etc. trying to find that ideal club to suit my needs. During this time period is when the idea came to me to create a website. Thus, OutdoorClubNews.com was born.

OutdoorClubNews not only promotes hunting clubs, but promotes virtually all outdoor clubs and activities. Activities such as car clubs, racing, camping, motorcycle clubs, team sports, dog clubs, water sports, fishing clubs, hiking, etc. If it’s an outdoor activity, we want to promote it and make OutdoorClubNews a one stop resource for the outdoor enthusiasts to be able to find that one sport or a multitude of outdoor activities to participate in.

Outdoor Club News will also provide FREE advertising for all outdoor related charitable organizations that specialize in helping disabled or disavantaged kids. If you have such an organization, please contact us to see how we can help you raise money or help with your benefit. We specialize in helping such organizations, check us out, I think you will be pleased !

Clubs can advertise club activities on a monthly basis, challenge other teams, search for members, promote their shows, post photos, or announce meetings to their own members. However they choose to use this service, it’s all free, at no charge to the club. Just send your request to the provided e-mail and we will post it for you.

OutdoorClubNews not only promotes your club on the World Wide Web, but uses other resources as well. We advertise using magazine ads, direct mail programs, and individual sales people who research all other medians to promote your club.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Outdoor Club News has created a new outdoor TV show !!

We have created a TV Show for the outdoor club : OUTDOOR CLUB ADVENTURES. The first season is all about the hunting clubs that are found all over the country. As an avid hunter, hunting clubs have always been hard to find, for me and I’m sure a lot of other folks. Well, no more! This show will highlight all of the things that hunters look for in a club, food plots, tree stands, quality of game, and trophies harvested. Look for our first season to highlight clubs from Missouri, Illinois, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Florida and more.

If you are a Hunting Club and want to see your show aired on a segment of the show, drop us a line at info@outdoorclubnews.com

As our motto states, OutdoorClubNews wants to lead you back into the great outdoors. See you there!

If your club is looking for a website, let the developer of this site help you.