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Island Falls Free-Wheelers A.T.V. Club

We are an A.T.V. Club and we hold Poker Runs, participate in area parades and do charity work also. We are working with at least 6 clubs in our area on getting a state wide trail system set up for Maine which would be like the snowmobile system, with GPS markers for emergencies, etc. We are a group of fun lovers and enjoy the sport of ATVing. So if anyone would like to come along on our rides or even join our club you are more than welcome. We have members from all across the state of maine and some from other states as well.


Member Status : Member since 2006

Members: 125
Dues: $20.00
Location: Island Falls, MA

Contact: John Alexander
Email: islandfallsfreewheelers@hotmail.com
Website: www.islandfallsfreewheelers.com


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