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Welcome to the Outdoor Club News Travel Team page.

The Outdoor Club News Travel Team staff travels to shows and events from all over the country, covering all types of club - related outdoor activities. These activities include gun shows, hunting extravaganzas, dog shows, races, sporting events, extreme games, boat shows, RV shows, etc. Basically, we cover all outdoor related activities listed in this site. See our Calendar of Events at the bottom of this page !

What do we do there ? We advertise those clubs that list on this site. We recruit members for them. We advertise their meetings, bike runs, car shows, fishing tournaments, etc. We save these clubs time, effort and money that they would have to spend doing these things themselves. Check our Calendar of Events for the tour starting in early 2007 and visit our booth, sign up as an Official Member of the Outdoor Club News and receive a packet of advertising materials and DISCOUNTS that our Sponsors and Vendors supply.

We also go to the club meetings and events themselves, distributing those discounts and advertising materials that the Sponsors and Vendors give to those club and club members who list on this site. Check out our Calendar of Club Meetings and see when we are going to be in your area. Register a club meeting and have us come to your club and find out about the Outdoor Club News experience. If you have just started a club and need members, let us know. When we are in your area, we can do some special advertising for your club, Call us and find out what we can do for you.


Calendar of Events:

We have temporarily suspended our Travel Team Tour as we complete developement of the OUTDOOR CLUB ADVENTURES TV SHOW, the television show for and about outdoor clubs. Our first season is being devoted to the Hunting Club. Stay tuned for more details or e-mail us at for more details.

Once the OUTDOOR CLUB ADVENTURES TV SHOW is under way, we will continue our show and club visitation schedule.



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